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008 – Using Mindfulness to Improve Sport Performance with Dr. Keith Kaufman

00:00 / 27:41


0:20 – Susan introduces Dr. Keith Kaufman
• He’s a Licensed Clinical Psychologist
• Member of The American Psychological Association & The Association For Applied Sport Psychology
• Co-Author of Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement

2:50 – Dr. Kaufman explains how mindfulness is a way of being
• the skills can be used throughout your life
• mindfulness – paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally

6:55 – Dr. Kaufman talks about the difference between sports psychology
• Sports psychology deals with cognitive, behavioural techniques
• have choice in how to respond

7:59 – Dr. Kaufmann discusses the importance of what works individually
• The Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement program is fully customizable

9:40 – Explanation of mindfulness & movement
• Incorporate yoga
• Individualize the program

11:12 – Dr Kaufman explains how to create time for mindfulness training
• Benefit with even a couple of minutes a day
• Informal mindfulness
• Consistency is key
• Fit it in to whatever you are doing

18:21 – Emphasis why it’s worthwhile to try mindfulness

19:18 – Dr. Kaufman discusses the flow state
• Fun, pleasurable, mind & body are in harmony

23:03 – 3 Key takeaways
• Focus on process and letting the process flow to the outcome
• Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement is available for athletes & coaches
• The techniques and way of being can help in day to day life

Book: Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement by: Dr. Keith Kaufman, Dr. Carol Glass & Dr. Timothy Pineau – Available on Amazon


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