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011 – From Here to There – Thane Marcus Ringler

00:00 / 29:13

0:33 – Susan introduces Thane

  • Former Professional Golfer
  • Podcast Co-host of “The Up & Comers Show”
  • Author of “From Here To There: A Quarter Life Perspective On The Path To Mastery

1:24 – Thane shares his background

  • Realized in high school that golf needed to be his focus
  • Moved to California & competed for 4 years at the Masters University
  • Turned Professional right after graduation

2:52 – Developed a systemic back injury

  • Learned through failure
  • Discovered treating the symptom and not the root cause doesn’t work long term

4:33 – He discusses how he managed his injury emotionally & mentally

  • Thane shares a great lesson he learned, that he didn’t focus enough on rest & recovery
  • “You learn the most through failure”

6:13 – Advice – trust the process

  • Surround yourself with a great team

9:10 – Thane shares the key players on his team, that supported him behind the scenes

12:13 – Thane discusses mindset and how it influences performance

  • Take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions
  • Self – awareness, use reflection, journal
  • Meditation

17:27 – Thane discusses moving from Universal Principles to Individual Principles

  • “The best players own who they are”

22:21 – Thane shares a bit about his new book “From Here To There: A Quarter Life Perspective On The Path To Mastery”.

25:02 – Thane’s 3 Key takeaways for the listeners

  • Commitment is necessary
  • Learning is the journey
  • Failure is likely, it’s an opportunity to grow

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