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“Mindset is your secret advantage”

Susan has an insatiable desire to guide athletes in creating their own success formula so they can have the athletic career and life of their dreams.

Susan is available for keynotes, speaking engagements, and customized workshops. By sharing her personal journey and her expertise on high performance, she brings a unique frame of reference to her talks. Susan helps shift perspectives as she inspires and encourages her audiences to dream bigger and achieve great things.


Chin-up! Strategies To Change Your Game

Susan shares her journey from Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis to triathlete and how mindset played a crucial role. You’ll learn:

The 3 T’s to success and how to use each effectively.
The 6 minor shifts that can have major impacts on your results.
How to easily re-frame obstacles or adversity so you can continue to move toward your goals.

The Key To Success – Your Legal Performance Enhancer

The energy we present with, in any situation, determines our capacity to perform. Susan shares how we can quickly shift our energy in the moment plus gives insights on a remarkable method that can be used prior to any game or competition to assess your ability to perform at your best. You’ll learn:

The #1 cause of your inconsistent results.
How to create strategies to deal effectively with any performance day demands or challenges.
How to transfer what works for you in practice to when it really counts.

Unleash Your Athlete’s Winning Performance Potential (for Coaches & Parents)

Learn how to best support your athletes or children in their quest for maximum potential in their performances. You’ll discover:

How to effectively assist them in setting short and long term goals that will build their confidence.
What influences your athlete’s performances and the top strategies you can use immediately to help them perform at their peak.
The most common pre-game mistakes and how to effectively address them so their performance is not negatively impacted.

“The body achieves what the mind believes.”

– Jim Evans

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Known as the “Game Changer,” Susan Kovacs is a sought-after straightforward coach to ambitious high performers and an inspiring speaker who advocates that we can up our game and step into our greatness.

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